60 Second Binary Options Trading: $45 to $1000 to 1 Million :9th Week Update

This is the 9th week update and so far $45 is now on : $1102.48 Mark in 45 days!
i have done the same hard work in it like 1 million. if you see the plan chart you will get the idea : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B9t674WruMrpCtXhv4q7AHodwLOcsDPVVLJN2hbsNIU/edit#gid=0

Today i  have also update my Basic Indicator with the member and hope they will find some more power of Binary ALPHA. Check the How to section for download link.

Season #1 going strong and student are in there half way to become Professional, they are working hard and some time they get upset with there mad action but its a part of game and they have to recover and stale there mind set.

Its not possible to become Profession its take time, so i hope all my student will do good in it and over come the self problems.

Binary ALPHA for 60 second Binary Options is so far the best education system i have invented and my followers are loving it hope this way i will spread the knowledge to the world and some day in one word every one will take the name Binary ALPHA for there number 1 Binary options trading system.

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