Class #36 : Motivation & Inspiration in Binary Options Trading

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36 classToday it was my Season #1 Student 6 Week of Demo and some already goto the Live test also but i did this class to bring the realization that what they have achieve from Binary ALPHA live class education.

I ask then a question : did you follow any strategy in your past so long with hart and soul? so the answer was no they never did this before. So i ask again way you follow Binary ALPHA for last 8 Week ?  So average answer was they know that there is a life time potentiality with this education and strategy.

Now the problem is from the beginning i have give them a Small account for there demo and also i have say that they will only use 5 and 7 logic for there trade and they can’t take Bonus meaning they can use the 100% power of Binary ALPHA. Why cos if any one master the 5 and 7 logic he can fight with the market in any condition and all time winner.

And if its become a big account like 5k then the Game will become more easy for them, and in a position they all admit that. So that’s way in the end they realize that so far they have come to a long way of there education and they now know that with this knowledge they will be able to keep up there carrier sky rocket to the rest of there life.

They have so much respect for Binary ALPHA for there Binary Options business and i am happy for that.

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