7th & 5th logc Question & Answer

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After 5th and 7th logic class i know that so many student will have so many type of question bcoz its not so easy and same way its not so hard. To understand this 2 logic you must open your mind and give your focus or i will say observation of the left structure of the market price. It’s come easy when the trend line draw properly.

For trend line drawing we must follow my way of drawing trend line bcoz other people have separate concept but i think i use the easy way…. I only connect the rejection Pin bar.

But there are some problem whit this 2 logic, people rush a little and they want to trade in the Level 1 … I will say for beginner start apply this in level 2 or 3 but if you want to play this in 1 Level then use strate Short trend line.

So today we have use a trick i have ask student to give me trouble so i can solve the chart and explain and this was so good that it will be keep as reference tutorial for 5th logic and 7th logic .

Again if any one can master this 2 logic it will be a great thing to do consistent profit in 60 second Binary Options business.

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