About KAZi

My name is KAZi Noor and this page is about “me”

The Trader

I have been a trader since 2008. Initially I was a successful scalper but changed to binary options after a couple of years. There have been many ups and downs over this time, but the last couple of years have made me free of any dependency on money. People always ask “how much” and “how quick”, so I will try to give these answers.  My business has exceeded in account value well over 50 million dollars and I can increase this easily if I so desire.  The strategies that I use areBinaryALPHA, HeadBREAK and BlindFOLD.  My motto and feeling towards money: “Money is a good servant but a bad master.”

The Educator

During 2015 I started giving my knowledge to others via the weekly education program using a tutorial style of teaching.  The lessons are authentic, honest, personal and informative and there is no hidden agenda what-so-ever. It is with great pleasure that I have seen my community grow and some members have become close personal friends. So I have changed from being a lonely trader to an active educator with students all over the world.


I am married to Rashu and we have a lovely daughter by the name of Moree. Our little family lives in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. We enjoy the week-ends together and aim to travel lots over the next couple of years. Personally, I enjoy fishing, cooking and am a family man.  I grew up in Bangladesh and am proud of my country.  Even so we are not amongst the rich countries of this world, we have produced people such as  Fazlur Rahman Khan, Muhammad Yunus and Rabindranath Tagore. I am eager to welcome all of you in our BinarayALPHA community and wish you all happiness, prosperity, and success.



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