After 2 Bonus and Recover any end = STOP! : Binary ALPHA Logic 3

2 Bonus Recover Key 3The main trend line is above price min down tend, KAZi HL Break a Flag candle cross, so the 1st one is a bonus and 2nd one is also a bonus winner. 3rd entry fail and 4th entry fail too and 5th one is a recover and a winner So we have to stop!

so what you understand with a $1000 account, our first entry was $5 its a winner earn $3.5, 2nd one is a winner start with $5 and earn $3.5 as a bonus and 3rd one start with $5 is loss 4th start with $10 loss and 5th start with $25 win $17.5 and stop.

total profit (3.5+3.5+(17.5-15))=$14.5 profit in this trade cycle!

and again by Key Number 3 we have able to control our emotion and getaway with the profit from the market.

WoW some people will get confused in this position and over trade and give the profit to the market if they don’t know this trick Right!

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