Binary ALPHA License Info

You can earn passive income from BinaryALPHA by using KAZi’s trading skills on a monthly basis.

What does this license contain?
This license contains a premium  education package (Either BlindFOLD or HeadBREAK) including all indicators and a BinaryALPHA software license.

How can I earn income with this license?
KAZI and his senior co-traders will use the proceeds of the license to trade and share the profits with the license owner on a 50-50 basis. There are no guaranteed monthly returns but since inception, it has returned 2-3 % monthly for the license holder. Payouts are done on a quarterly basis (Start of February, May, August, November);

Is this an investment fund?
No. Once you purchase the license, you get the software and education in return. From the accounting perspective, the  proceeds are now part of the profit and loss sheet of BinaryALPHA Pty Ltd in Bangladesh (registration Number 02-28165.)

How do I get money paid out?
At the end of the quarter, all trades are calculated and each license is allocated its share of profits or losses.  If there is a profit, the money will be paid out at the start of the following month using wire transfer to reduce costs. At this point you can also cancel your license and the license value is returned to you.

How much does the license cost?
5997 USD

How much money is refunded upon license cancellation?
5000 USD

How much money is used by KAZi and his traders for trading?
5000 USD

How safe is this money?
The current money management used can result in a loss of 25%. If this happens, KAZI uses a separate account of his to attempt to recover the loss. This is done at his own risk.

Payment Method:

Bank to Bank Direct Wire Transfer

Below is a PDF of all the information you need to send us your payment through wire transfer:

KNP Options USD Account @ Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada

What were the historical returns since inception?
Binary ALPHA License LOG BOOK>>>>>>>>>>>

Month Return  for license owner
First Quarter 2016


Second Quarter 2016


Third Quarter 2016


Fourth Quarter 2016


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