BlindFOLD Trading System Information


BlindFOLD is a safe Binary Options trading system made specifically for people who are serious about trading and want to potentially replace their current income through trading.  It has been used by KAZi and his co-traders for years as the main recovery system after loosing several trades in  a row. It relies only on price action and therefore does not suffer from any delays given by normal indicators.

With the purchase of BlindFOLD you get access to educational classes that teach you exactly how to trade this system and also teach you the proper mindset.  You also get the BlindFOLD Cockpit and all the indicators needed to trade this system.  Lastly you get access to a BlindFOLD Skype group where traders just like yourself are trading and learning this system daily.  You can watch a preview of our first Introduction Class to BlindFOLD for FREE below:

BlindFOLD Introduction Video 

BlindFOLD is based on 5 minute trades that originate from a H4 resistance in the past.  There is an excellent cockpit used as part of the system that monitors up to 30 pairs.  This provides many trading opportunities every day. The custom indicators provided have been developed in-house and are being adapted as required.  Please note that our in-house traders use these on a daily basis and when traded in a disciplined patient manner, the results are very good for us.  Below is a picture of the BlindFOLD Cockpit.

BlindFOLD Cockpit

Please note that the Skype room has strict rules on ethics and integrity. Our community spirit is important to us and thieves, scammers and trouble makers are not welcome. If you want to learn, are open minded, helpful and hard working, this group is for you.

Have fun!


Cost $997 Per Year




Once you have confirmation of transfer, please send email with details to

Looking for Extra help to learn this strategy, see below:

BlindFOLD Boot Camp  Information ( Next boot camp  9.5.16 14:00 GMT)-*space still available*

Currently the boot camp uses the software and we ask you to ensure that you are capable of muting the microphone and/or you are in a quiet environment when joining. In addition we request that you use a headset with a wire to ensure good quality sound. This is a closed community and we need to be able to concentrate. There is only one topic in the trading room and this is trading. Technical issues with MT4 are not part of the trading room, but we will try to help all new members before they start. Please see below for pre-requisites for boot camp.

FAQ on BlindFOLD

Who is KAZi NOOR?
Click the link 

How many trades does one trade within a day(8 hours)?  5 cycles averaging about 1.8 trades per cycle.

Can everyone learn this? No. Only people who have self control, the willingness to learn and good computer skill will have a chance to make it; but you don’t need to be Einstein to learn this…

When is the first release? 1st April 2016 and the boot camp will start on the 4th April 2016 at 14:00 GMT. Before joining the bootcamp please ensure that you have:

  • Valid subscription to BlindFOLD
  • Have watched all the lessons on BlindFOLD.
  • Please send Kent or Adam your Skype id so that they can add you to our Skype group

When and what is the boot camp? The boot camp will be held every Monday at 14:00 GMT using the software. I will give you guidance for about 6 weeks to get you started with BlindFOLD.  Please check the date above for the next boot camp. Sometimes there will be different times and day of week due to private circumstances.