Class #15: Proper Mind Set: Binary ALPHA

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This is the recording of Class 15 on Sixty second binary trading via Binary ALPHA. It was a interesting class where we have talked about the proper mentality of a trader and how to control the emotion in each trading life. We have also talked about the update or daily increment of the account number. How to reduce the presser and not to chase the time or date or any account number.

In one meaning the number will increment automatically if we are only focus to the right trade in right point. After the main point we have start seeing the student account update as the previous class instruction. Every one is doing good with Binary ALPHA and applying in properly to there 60 second binary trade account.

The class duration was only 19 but it was a important class also. All our student is now ready for the 20 days demo test and they are also going in a proper process to become a professional trader to there life.

hope they all become one!

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One thought on “Class #15: Proper Mind Set: Binary ALPHA

  1. Hello Kazi,
    That was quite inspirational specially about money management but i am not good and week in excel actually i might need help just once or twice how to use the excel sheet please that will be great



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