Class #17 : Gap Risk Management : 60 Second Binary Trading by – Binary ALPHA

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In today’s class we have talked about the Gap Risk Management in Binary Options trading, this key is important to every Binary ALPHA or any binary trader. Its help your current losing money in to profit. It help you to control your self when you get a loosing trade and then not to chase the market in wrong and crazy way on spot, you will wait for a potential moment safe and sound and recover your loss into profit in same day.

This week all our student start there demo test with Binary ALPHA by there own invent money management system for 60 second binary options tradingtoday was the market end  or close.

I have review all the student result update one by one and found so many starting emotion in there trading, they are just learning but they are learning very fast and i am trying to help them with the early emotion and after the end i think every one get some good tips for there next week.

It is natural that they will mistake and learn form there mistake but the good thing is so far i understand that they have the potential power to become a good trader soon.

I hope we will be able to make our goal success after 20 days demo and will enter in live money trading for 30 days soon.

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