Class #23 : Motivation & Rethink (Set Mind for Daily Trade)

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Last week i have say’s that we will do a motivation class for the 60 Days live student so today was that class. We have talked about some great motivation speech form great person and connect all the thing with our current position.

This is a great way to give strength to my student. At this moment all my student admit that Binary ALPHA is no more hidden to them and also they know how powerful it is if apply in a proper mind set. But the problem all time remain is : People want to see all in one day, meaning they want to earn money in one day. But its not possible.

Binary ALPHA 60 second logical trading system is profitable for all time now, but its time to apply it with proper mind set and also keep in mind that we will not do any rush in it while growing our account.  Some time we fail to identify proper logic in run time or our time is not good in entry. So in that type we will not rush and take wrong action what is not inside Binary ALPHA 😀

I hope today’s motivation class will work for my trainer and will will see good 60 second profession Binary Trader soon.

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