Class #24:Proper Level & Flag Candle

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Sometime we don’t understand a subject but if we are trying the subject so hard and again the topic come in another angle you get it easy. So today i have talked about the same level and Flag candle in another way and i think some of my student is now getting it properly who was unable to grab it in fast position.

60 binary options trading must need some discipline and in Binary ALPHA level is for that and also a good level must show a good Flag candle. So in a combination we get good step to follow our trade.

Some time we find difficulty in level counting , there are 2 way to do it one in a basic way and another one is with Fib tools. We have talked both. By today’s class you will get a proper way to count the level and also a proper Flag candle i hope this will help and also it will help us to see what will be our advance level and also market price.

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