Class #28: Mastering Binary ALPHA : Recape – Part -1

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Today we are in 28 of our class and its time for Recap of Crash course of Binary ALPHA
i have made this education or the class such way a new person will start knowing about Binary ALPHA form Basic to Advance in only 3 hrs. Today was the Part #1 of the Recap and today i have talk about the MT4 indicator setup to Valid and invalid Flag Candle.

I fill excited cos it will be a new edition of Mastering Binary ALPHA in 3 HRS only. I think for 60 Second Binary Options trading this will be the best Video tutorial every and all my readers and class member will find useful from this lesson.

Also today i have talked about my Binary ALPHA goal this year. I need 200 trader who can trade with Binary ALPHA professionally so i can invest 1 million on 200 people ($5000 each)and share the profit 50% with the trader and 50% the Orphan Children Education.

And also like to say as they way i have plan my self this year, after so much hard work its now showing its color and i really appreciate all my Season #1 student  show such love to me inspire me all the way and with them and with new i must achieve the goal.

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One thought on “Class #28: Mastering Binary ALPHA : Recape – Part -1

  1. Hi Kazi,
    I’m from Peru, I’m 44 and entrepreneur, and I found really amazing and developer your Binary Alpha methodology; so I’ve started to use it, two months ago, with a little account and my results are still so so, trying each time to get little improvements each time, because my initial lack of confidence about the system but, because I’ve almost watched all your videos, (the ones free, for now 🙂 ), I’m convinced of what you are saying is totally true. I’ve spent almost 100 hours in backtesting your logics from 1 through 7th and I think the results are quite outstanding.
    So please, is there is any chance to consider me inside your 200 team members, as a traders into your community?, If the answer is “yes”, I’ll go myself immediately. I’ve just started my trading career 6 months ago, but I’m convinced this is what I love to do, so I’m dedicated 100% of my time to grow my experience and of course my profitability and my personal account, as soon as is possible. Like you said, I love money, but also I love to share and do some charity also; been grateful is a essential part of this wellness circle of live.

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