Class #29 : Mastering Binary ALPHA : Re cape – Part -2

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Today its was our 2nd part  Re Cape of Binary ALPHA season #1 for 60 Second Binary Options trading. We have talked about the Binary ALPHA Goal and also the what candle we will go for Bonus and what candle we will not exactly with the Binary ALPHA system Basic.

Its was very simple short but important. I hope my student and other member find the class interesting as the way i am concluding the class of season #1.

We have one more Class left in next day in part 3 on exact 5th 7th and IN plus the Trend line application hope we will do good on that too. And after that 30 days i will give live commentary of the chart with Binary ALPHA what will help my student to take quick desiccation in there live trading each day.

Also again i have made my statement clear   that i need 200 student this year who will train up with  Binary ALPHA and will trade for my invested money one million dollar this year and i will share the profit 50% with them and rest of the 50% will be use for my Orphan Children Education foundation. I hope this is good for every one this way and if you have any idea let me know if you want.

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