Class 29: Season 2 Demo Update Review HangOut – Part -6

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This Hangout was outstanding cos of so many thing, first we have start with playing guitar and did some social chit chat and then started reviewing my 5/10 account traders.

i have shown some killer trading chart what i have taking in live for 45 dollar account and explain how i did that, i hope thats help a lot to my season #2 student for there binary options trading . After that we have review some student account what is right and what is wrong and …. after that the best part of this hang out ….

I have start showing some 60 second market prediction based on my experience , they think i am magical but i am not i am doing all the trick by my years of experience what can be possible by any hume.

i hope soon my expert student will be able to do so , so i like to say give your best in your daily trade with proper discipline and observe the market behaviours and pattern cos in the day end  the pattern will remain as foot print or market makers.

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