Class #39: Higher time break down for accuracy in Logic’s : Binary ALPHA

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Today it was our 39th Class for Binary ALPHA Season #1 and it was the final touch of the total education of this season. We have talked about how we will break down the Higher time frame part by pert to identify a potential break and take the trade with confident.

We have got a live trade example in AUD/USD and from 1Hr to 5min time frame we have spot a pretty good position in 60 second Binary Options DFlag condition by Binary ALPHA
and after that we see 3 Bonus candle with the example.

This example Prove that Binary ALPHA is so logical once again in live. So as my student and readers you must see this to make your self confident 200% that Binary ALPHA know how to read market behavior with a proper way logical way.

i am so happy that in the end i have made this video this season with a successful live example. Thanks to Hadi, Rashid and Chuck all this young are now my good friend and i have great hope on them that they will do good in this business.

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