Class 4:What is a Bonus Trade & Take it in a Safe Way

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Today we have talk about Binary ALPHA Bonus 1 2 3 logic. I show exactly how we can take bonus trade after a proper Flag Candel and also same way the 4th Loig.

In my book while wrting the loigc i know that the series come in a difrant way but now i can say 1 = Bonus 1  / 2=Bonus 2/ 3= Bonus 4    and the 4th loic is actualy = a in 5th logic. Why i will let you know later.

Alos i have let my sudent know that for some moment forget the 5th and 7th for a while and only do the bonus trade after a valid Flag. This way you will get master to trade with bonus.
This will help you to see 60 Second Binary Options Momentum in real life. This knowladge is so important to know more about Binary ALPHA. This will be help full to understand this game more easy and closely. its also help you to tkae real life trade and cut the nurversness.

Alos today i break a rull, i have start the war against Broker today, why all my student know that. So i will not say sorry i will say i am proud to do so……..

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