Class#11: 7th & IN-7th Logic

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7th Logic in Binary ALPHA is called the last bullet or application what can seve you from big loss if you identify this in a proper way. The best thing to identify it with the momentum and trend line.  The Basic  come from the 5th logic but there are some major thing you need to remember. It will happen in 2 loss and you have 2 trade left to recover.

In today’s class i try my best to explain it but it’s not something you will understand on spot, it will take some time but if you start doing this with experience you will start see it properly.

If you don’t understand then just stay with the Basic info don’t think too much and make the logic complicated. Just give you Brain some room and apply with the basic info. You will see with time you will become a master of this logic.

If you can identify this in real life then i will say in 60 second Binary Options you will become a Professional soon.

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One thought on “Class#11: 7th & IN-7th Logic

  1. These are the funny things happen in this Tutorial of
    Mr Kazi with his students man i am laughing since yesterday when you going to introduce these student to me please i can not wait to attend the live Class/ Webinar LOL
    hold on on people are getting crazy after loosing the trades in 7th logic and getting nervous keep calm , very puzzling i am confused it is picture of Adam and shekeel please people do not send me the picture of Weird things oh its Carlos he is the Wikipedia of BINARY ALPHA LOGIC, he said do not underestimate the power of common man from behind mangesh ya ha yah wikie is where speak he was sleeping before in some corner still laughing Man there is pain in my stomach by laughing to much thank thank you

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