Class#14: Train Your Brain

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If you are doing 60 second Binary Options trading professionally you must train your brain with your presetup action. Meaning you have to do the practice a lot in your week end or in your learning time so it will come easy day by day for you to take proper trade in the live market.

And also you have to do it even you are doing good in real life, cos Market behaviour change all the time so you must be ready for that.

So todays class is all about that, i have my spacial way to train my Brain with Binary ALPHA.
First i take a 1hr chart and cut of 2hr candle from top part of the day and end part of the day and then i goto 1min chart and start marking the Valid and IN flag …. after that i come back again to the top and start doing the trade with the logic…. if the flag in level 1 i skip the cycle if it is in Level 2 or 3 i mark the cycle in a proper logical way … this way by subconscious mind get train so its help me in my live trading all the time.

I hope all my student will follow this exercise end of their life every day   or 2 time in a week to stay profitable.

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