Class#2 : Binary ALPHA Mt4 & Momentum Block Points

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Today we start with the Mt4 Chart setup with Binary ALPHA for all Season #2 Student and then we start talking about the main momentum Block point of the market by Binary ALPHA Setup.

We have find out that the Blue thick Moving average is the main block potion and then 2nd moving average in yellow color  and after that Bollingerband Mid is and after that we have learn that Bollingerbad 2 outside moving average are the sticky block point and KAZi_HL is to identify the hidden block point where market want to fake people.

So this are the basic issue we should remember form the beginning so we will get easy access of knowledge of Binary ALPHA in depth soon. If you review the video again and again it will help you in advance class to understand Binary Options 60 second momentum in a profitable way.

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