HeadBREAK is a safe Binary Options trading system made specifically for full time traders.  It was tested in 2015 for 7 months and produced great results.  The live tests were done using a 10K USD and a 100K USD account.

Test results

  • The 100K account grew to 300+K over a period of 2 weeks.
  • The 10K account produced about 3% of profit on  daily basis.


HeadBREAK is based mainly on 5 minute trades and provides many trading opportunities every day. The custom indicators provided have been developed in-house and are being adapted as required.  Please note that our in-house traders use these on a daily basis and when traded in a disciplined patient manner, the results are very good for us.

When you purchase  the HeadBREAK education package, you will get access to training tutorial videos, archived classes, all the necessary HeadBREAK indicators and access to our Skype group where “HeadBREAKERS” are actively trading, learning, and testing their ability to trade this system.

Please note that the Skype room has strict rules on ethics and integrity. Our community spirit is important to us and thieves, scammers and trouble makers are not welcome. If you want to learn, are open minded, helpful and hard working, this group is for you.

We aim to have classes throughout the month and update videos of specific live trades that KAZi himself is doing so that everyone can gain a  better understanding of how to trade HeadBREAK.  You can join any time and the support videos will help you, the community will help and experience will help you.

Have fun!


Cost $997 Per Year (ensure  that fees for transfer are paid by sender)

Payment Method:

Once you have confirmation of transfer, please send email with details to kazi.noor@binaryalpha.org  Also let us know which product you have purchased.


1. Who is KAZi NOOR?
Click the link 

2. How many trades does one trade within a day(8 hours)?  8-30 trades.

3. What instruments do you trade? EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD

4. What is required to learn HeadBREAK? You need to know how to use a PC and Metatrader 4. Knowing how to “Google” prevents us from wasting time answering the obvious and we expect everyone to be polite, inquisitive and helpful. We recommend that you have a 1K fund available for trading live(you can use any broker that you are comfortable with)  and that you practice with a demo account first until you feel comfortable and profitable.  Only for NON-US based people: We have an IB Partnership with GOMarkets.  They have a great MT4 feed and all of our indicators work really well with their feed.  Even if you do not trade with them as a broker, we suggest you sign up with them and  use their MT4 feed and go through our partner link here:  https://gomarkets.eappform.com/initiate.aspx?Pcode=21048  If you need help setting this up just let us know. For U.S. based people, we have another solution for you on how you can use GOMarkets also.  Please email us on our Contact Us page on our menu and we can give you more info on this.

5. How do I know that this is not a scam? You don’t, but I have been very successful with trading and hope to pass this on to other people.  We also understand your concerns as there are a lot of scams on the internet surrounding Binary Options.  The money you pay goes to my BinaryALPHA community members and to charity.  You can also check our One $Million$ tab up top and see weekly proof of me, KAZi, growing a $45 account to over $300,000 in just over 10 months of trading.  Also ask around our community and see for yourself if people have enjoyed their experience with us here or not.

6. Do you trade HeadBREAK? Yes, this is my main strategy that I use for my personal funds.