How To Become KAZi’s Co-Trader?

What is a KAZi Co-trader?

A KAZi Co-Trader is a student who has shown exceptional skills and understanding of one of the 3 Binary ALPHA trading strategies, who has gone through a formal assessment and selection process, who will get an opportunity to trade with KAZi’s personal money.

Who is eligible to become KAZi’s Co-Trader?

Those who join a Binary ALPHA Live Season Class

Who is not eligible to become KAZi’s Co-Trader?

Citizens and/or residents of countries where Binary Options trading is illegal are not eligible to become KAZI’s co-trader.

How to become KAZi’s Co-Trader via the Binary ALPHA Live Season route?

1. The top 3 students from each season will be selected as “potential co-traders” through a formal assessment and selection process consisting of 4 weeks of demo trading the Binary ALPHA 7 Logics. The “potential co-traders” assessment and selection process will be done only once for each Season.

2. Once they are selected as “potential co-traders”, they will be “sponsored” and given full FREE access to the HeadBREAK and BlindFOLD educational videos and indicators until their next stage of assessment and/or until they remain “Live Co-traders” of Binary ALPHA. Once they start earning money from live co-trading, they will have to pay a monthly subscription of $97 for use of HeadBREAK and/or BlindFOLD indicators.

3.  Once they are given access to the HeadBREAK and BlindFOLD educational videos and indicators, they are expected to practice these strategies on demo accounts and decide whether they would like to become a “Binary ALPHA 7 Logic Co-trader” or a “HeadBREAK Co-trader” or a “BlindFOLD Co-trader” or a “Mixed Strategy Co-trader”.

4. After they complete their in-depth education and demo practice in these 3 strategies, they will have to undergo a 4 weeks assessment on a demo account in their chosen strategy followed by a 8 weeks “final test” on a mini live account provided by Binary ALPHA, to be considered as a “Live Co-trader”.  Selected “Live Co-traders” will be given individual live accounts, and will move from one level to the next as per the co-trader progression plan.  See: Co-Trader Progression Plan. The live co-trading accounts will be funded by Binary ALPHA and profits earned will be shared 50%:50% between the “Live Co-trader” and Binary ALPHA.



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