Mastering Binary Alpha Advanced Education

Hello and Welcome to Mastering Binary ALPHA Advanced!  Mastering Binary ALPHA Advanced is our most refined version of the Binary ALPHA 7 logics trading strategy and is the natural next step after you have gone through Mastering Binary ALPHA Starter.  We created these courses in the same way as our live seasons of classes that we did.  You will get 13 instructional video classes between 30-45 min long, plus 20 live Q&A sessions that we did with our Season 5 students, covering all of the topics in the Binary ALPHA 7 logics strategy thoroughly.  To give you a taste of what the classes will be like, you can check out the first class below for free and the Google Slide Presentation we used for the class as well.  With this educational package you get all of the standard BA indicators that you receive in the Mastering BA Starter, PLUS the KAZi Multi-time Frame H/L Break, KAZi Daily Tension Lines, & the KAZi Flag Candle Alarm.  We highly suggest that you go through Mastering Binary ALPHA Starter before starting this course!

Mastering Binary ALPHA Advanced Class 1: Introduction and Welcome

Google Slides For Class 1:

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