Mastering Binary ALPHA Advanced

Hello and Welcome to Mastering Binary ALPHA Advanced!
Mastering Binary ALPHA Advanced is our most refined version of the Binary ALPHA 7 logics trading strategy. More info in the video below:

Once you purchase this education course, you can also get access to a Skype group of students who are going through this material who help each other learn.  KAZi will come into this Skype group each month to do a Q&A session with you all, to help you with you education and trading journey.

Mastering Binary ALPHA Advanced Education Videos:

Class #1 Binary ALPHA Introduction Play


Class #2  10,000 FT View: Momentum and Proper Flag Candle Play


Class #3 Taking Bonuses Safely  Play


 First Q&A Session Play


Class #4  Understand Trend Reversal Play


Class #5  5th and IN5th Logic Play


 Second Q&A Session  Play


Class #6  DFlag, Trend Line, and Higher Time Frame Play


Class #7  7th and IN7th Logic  Play


 Third Q&A Session Play


Class #8  Market Structure Play


Class #9  XRAY Vision with HTF & Reverse Engineering Play


 Fourth Q&A Session  Play


Class #10  Fake Push with Tension Lines and Flag Cage Play


Class #11  Money Management  Play


Fifth Q&A Session   Play


Class #12  Gap and Split Risk Management  Play


Class #13   Trade Log and Proper Chart Marking  Play


Sixth Q&A Session   Play


 Seventh Q&A Session Play
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