Money and risk management in Binary ALPHA

This is the point where we have to be tight and emotion less. You must follow the 7 Key rules of Binary ALPHA to turn every trade cycle into profit. i will break down every 7 rules later.

So what will be your first trade risk size?

Your risk is your total account size / 200

meaning if your account size is $1000 then 1000/200=5

So your first trade size is $5

your 2nd trade size if first one fail is $10

your 3rd trade size if 2nd one fail is $25

your 4th trade size if 3rd one fail is $100

its looks crazy right and you might thinking that you will lose money this way, but i will say no 99% time you will win by 7 Key Logic of Binary ALPHA

Before you do this let me show you that you will earn money 99% time by logic in next lesson.

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