Season #1 : Student Problem & Solution Gossip

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Today i call all the Season #1 Student for Final preparation for there current learning goal but today few people come in the class and this 3 student follow me every day for last 3 month and that is way they Each win $10,000 as Gift per person from the 1 million account challenge.

After complete the challenge i will give each on that amount of money as Gift to show there aggrieve interest in learning Binary ALPHA.

Today Hadi come up with a idea that after each trade cycle he took a screen shot by MT4 and get a link and then put it to the record so i can follow there mistake and guide them, i thing this is a new and very easy way to guide my student in future- Thanks to HADI.

Chake is another person who show that is all time good if you wait and don’t just get mad to take trade. Some time if you don’t get the set of mind then its better for you to wait cos 60 second Binary Options is fast and you will loss you money in a very small amount of time if you go crazy without any proper logic or knowledge. So Chake is an example and he wait 2 week loss a little but go get mad wait long and today he is back with some good trade and he is more and more confident now to carry on his live test for the rest of time.

Season #2 is coming soon and i am so happy with Season #1 cos we have got some good trader and rest will become one some day, we will do our best and also happy for the new student cos we have made good Tutorial with every ones support what will be very help full for them.

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