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header-defaultI am KAZi NOOR developer of logical 60 sec binary options trading system “Binary ALPHA” . To know a bit more about me, click here to get the information.

I am not a good writer and English is not my main language. However, I will try my best to pass my knowledge onto you using standard classes for my main trading systems.

The main systems that I have traded over the years are:

All the above system are proven and have made very good money BUT to be be a good trader you need more than just theory. You need a community that supports each other and assists you during your personal development. This is why I have a chat group for every education package and from time to time, I drop in for a chat….because this is very important to me and your success as a trader is my success.

Please take your time to peruse our website and excuse any mistakes in advance. I am the way I am and my intentions are good and sincere.


Skype : binaryalpha (Add me if you want to talk)

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