What is Binary ALPHA?

It’s a binary options trading formula where you spot a price cycle and start taking trade as long you don’t get your profit. It’s a very safe and profitable policy where you must win the cycle every time.

You might profit very low in a cycle but its safe and you can attack any market condition. As you will get lots of cycle in 24 hr so your account will grow faster than any other trading system.

The money management is so simple and smooth and very easy to walk away with the profit from the market.

As the trading psychology is so strong so you will never caught into wrong end of the market. Each cycle is a winner and reliable 99% time , so you will get proper rest in trading time and you will be able to slowly cut the market to your account.

NOTE :But before all this word become true you must master the method properly!

First i like to say 60 second trading is profitable if you do it with logic but if you take it as gamble you will lose money in no time and will blow your account even before you realize what happen. So you must understand the trading business, its made such a way that it will trick your mind in wrong end easily.

Trading business psychology made such a way where people get hope, greed & fear and the logic is to break a person’s mind all this together, for this- people fail 90% time.

So really who win in this Game? I will say only one logic what can fight against this 3 key aspects!

Yes i have made Binary ALPHA logic with 7 Golden rules to fight against this 3 things (hope,greed & fear), proper execution of the 7 golden logic will keep you safe all day long in your trading session.

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